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Host a Chocolate Fondue Party

By Joseph Oklert

Chocolate fondue parties are not a thing of the past. Fishing out a piece of food from the fondue pot while cutting up with a group of friends can be tons of fun. However, since chocolate fondue is not a regularly served food, your dinner guests might not know how to work the fondue pot, but once you get the hang of it, you and your friends will be enjoying chocolate fondue in no time.

Of course, you are not restricted to only serving chocolate fondue as it might not fill up your guests. Instead, you can provide chocolate fondue as your after dinner dessert. And it is usually best to offer a flavorful beverage along with it, such as Irish coffee or a cappuccino.

One of the best aspects of chocolate fondue is that it is easy to make. In order to get the fondue ready before your guests show up, you need to have all of your ingredients and dipping food prepared several hours in advance. However, the chocolate fondue sauce itself should not be made until after everyone has arrived because it can become thick if it sits too long.

For your party, you must have a minimum of one fondue pot, depending upon the amount of dinner guests that will be coming. A normal fondue pot can serve six people. But although having an actual fondue pot is great, it is not necessary. You can use the utensils, pots, and platters most people already have in their kitchen as a fondue pot is just a dish sitting on a stand that is warmed by a candle. And you can substitute dinner forks in place of the dippers.

There are many recipes for chocolate fondue, but if you would rather use a simple one, you can combine 10 ounces of chocolate, 1/2 cup heavy cream, and 2 tablespoons unsalted butter. If you prefer, extra ingredients such as marshmallows, almonds, or a couple of teaspoons of brandy can be put into the mixture. This is very quick and easy to throw together.

As far as dipping foods go, there are numerous delicious varieties you can use. The most popular include fruits like strawberries, bananas, and other types of berries. Cookies will also work nicely as well. And if you want to serve something with your fondue not used as often, you can provide chunks of cake, dried fruit, marshmallows, or plain potato chips. Do not forget to keep any fruit refrigerated until your chocolate fondue will be served.

If you have decided to use the recipe above, you will need to mix your butter and cream and let it reach a simmer on the stove top. As that is going on, you can cut your chocolate into small pieces if necessary and add it to the stove top to allow it melt. Once the mixture is done, put it into your fondue pot and continue to stir it occasionally so it will not burn.

Follow this advice, and your friends will be coming over for chocolate fondue again and again.

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